Tabula Rasa

Genre Advertisement
Year 2018
Length 2 min
Team Arif Abdillah
Joost Smith
Marijn van der Ploeg
Country The Netherlands
Language English
Award Wood pencil
D&AD New Blood 2018

Tabula Rasa is a hand copy/hand coloured animation about looking at every moment - even the sad ones - as a blank slate, a blank canvas, and an opportunity to create. Rotterdam was bombed to the ground in 1940 in world war II. After the war was ended, Rotterdammers take a bold move to look at them self as a blank slate. As a Tubula Rasa, as a blank canvas.

The ability to look at any moment even as grim as being bombed, as an opportunity to create, be it music, story or even a city is what makes us human. The hunger to create. Microsoft Surface is a tool to create, whatever that may be, is the ultimate Tabula Rasa that allows us to ask ‘what could you be’? so easily and consistently.